Vacations on the Island of Mozambique
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-03-05
We hear so much about Africa, about Mozambique that we are curious to know one day. That's what happened to me, one day I decided to go to Africa and from South Africa to discover Mozambique by car. Everyone told me I was crazy, first because I was alone, second because I was in a very normal car, Peugeot 306, third because it was dangerous, fourth because the roads were very bad, but as I am stubborn I went anyway. Today I look back and it was worth it, I made the journey from Maputo to Ilha de Moçambique and came back. When I arrived in Beira, the information they gave me was that the road up was only potholes, that there were no gas stations, there was no food... But I went anyway, the route from Beira to Nampula was really scary , the roads were good after all, but there was no support and it was more than 700km, but I say it again, it was worth it. After a stop in Nampula, I continued on to the Island of Mozambique... Beautiful, the island still has traces of its heyday, you can see that it had good houses, it had good conditions, it had a good atmosphere... there was, because almost everything is in ruins, you can't say it's dirty, but it's a lot of poverty, but I came here to drink history and history is there all around a corner. The beaches are beautiful, waters of a beautiful blue and temperate, fine sands and a people, in spite of everything, welcoming. I can't say it's a place to go on vacation, it's a place to visit and maybe stay a night but it's worth it for the history and adventure to get there
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