Roasted Patagonian lamb, delicious
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-03-05
I tried the famous Patagonian roast lamb, and it's not just any lamb, it has to be Patagonian lamb, and as I was told, it has to do with the animal's diet. But eating a lamb roasted in the Patagonian way is for those who have time, a lot of time. Lamb takes at least 7 hours to roast. First they make a fire on the ground, then the lamb is tied to a type of swastika cross, it is positioned standing at an angle over the fire and so it is roasted, first on one side and then on the other. I had the privilege of eating this specialty 3 times. the first time was at the invitation of my friend Oscar de Brito, who invited me to have lunch at his house the famous lamb prepared by his father-in-law, then I went back to eat at a restaurant in Ushuaia and the last time the strangest was in a village in Bajo Caracoles, in a workshop shed where Oscar (another Oscar) also of Portuguese origin was preparing the famous roast in a corner. I accepted his proposal, he put the lamb and I put the drink, deal done. In all, it was a wonder, a delight
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Bajo Caracoles . Santa Cruz . Argentina
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