Safari in Gorongosa Park
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2021-12-02
I had already visited other wildlife parks including Kruger Park, but after visiting Gorongosa park I was impressed, without a doubt that this must be the best park in the world for wildlife and the best thing about the park is that it is really life wild, in Gorongosa park there are no fences, the animals move wherever they want without limitations, there are no roads through the middle, there are no resorts, there is only bush and savannah and animal life. To visit the park, the best and practically only option is to stay at the lodge inside the park, any other option is too far away, and the ideal safari is to start very early and get ready for a day full of adventure. You can't just take your car and walk around the park, you have to hire a park guide in your own car to take you because really only they know where to go, if you go alone you can be sure that after 5 minutes you don't even know come back, there are no paths. The amount of animals is impressive, but to be able to see the lions, for example, you need luck, it worked for me to offer 100Usd to the guide to take me with the lions, and it was a drive, several hours until he found out where they were, in Gorongosa park the Animals don't stay long in the same place. Another of the park's attractions is watching the sunset. It's all worth it and every penny paid. It's not exactly a cheap experience but it's worth it, then you have to take into account that you need to fly to Beira airport, and then rent a car or hire a taxi to go to the park, or if your wallet is full, hire a flight private and direct access to the park that has an airstrip.
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Vila de Gorongosa . Sofala . Moçambique
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