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Holidays in Mauritius
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2021-12-01
Mauritius, or Mauritius, is without a doubt that dream vacation destination.
Surrounded by beaches and beautiful landscapes where each beach seems more beautiful than the last, it is a place not to be missed, it is undoubtedly a first choice holiday destination.
When you think of a vacation in Mauritius, an expensive and affordable place comes to mind. Maybe I was lucky because I didn't visit the island in high season and I got a resort for less than 50USD a day, but I didn't find the cost of meals expensive either.
When I arrived in Mauritius I came from Johannesburg in South Africa and immediately rented a car at the airport, as my intention was not to lay on my stomach in the sun, but to get to know the whole island was the best option.
I visited all the beaches, all the places of interest and it was a very intense week to leave nothing behind.
The beaches really seduced me, the fine sand, the color and temperature of the waters, and most of them almost deserted.
Another of the wonders of the island are the landscapes.