Have you ever thought about taking a vacation in the city of Faro, Algarve
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-03-05
Even today Faro is not considered a holiday destination, the capital of the Algarve tourist region continues to be seen as a residential city. Although Faro has a lot more to see, what to do and where to spend their time, few tourists decide to go on vacation to this city. Maybe because Faro doesn't have its foot on the beach is one of the decisions that lead to not being so publicized? I don't think Faro is right with the foot of the Ria Formosa and it takes 15 minutes to the beach by public transport, or the best option is a boat trip to the islands, but Faro has much more beach options than most famous destinations in the world. Algarve and if we analyze the remaining components, it wins in practically all of them, let's see; it has much more options and quality in restaurants, it has a very good nightlife atmosphere, it has better stores, and it has better prices. I personally recommend Faro to those who like to do tourism with more contact with the local population, who like to get involved in regional culture and gastronomy and for those who like good beaches with less confusion than the famous ones.
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