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Fuseta, the best holiday destination in the Algarve
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-03-05
I've always tried to be neutral in my way of appreciating the hundreds of places I've been and vacationed.
But for me, analyzing them all, the Fuseta is what I liked the most.
When I analyze a holiday destination, I don't just look at a point, but at everything that surrounds it and that's where I consider Fuseta the best of all.
It continues to be a fishing village, it is hardly out of character, it has the best sandy beaches and waters in the Algarve, it has very good restaurants, it has a lot where tourists can spend their time, it has a good nightlife and there is almost no tourist accommodation.
Fuseta is the place where tourists come to spend the day or a few hours because there are practically no hotels.
Fuseta has the best campsite I know.