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Engenho D'Água Municipal Park
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-03-16
Fazenda Engenho D'Água is a historic farm in Ilhabela having been listed in 1945, becoming Parque Municipal Fazenda Engenho D'Água in 2015. The site portrays the past of Ilhabela and the history of Brazil. The Engenho D'Água farm was an important place for the production of sugar cane and brandy.
Fazenda Engenho D’Água was formerly known as Fazenda São Matias. The main house was built in the period of sugar production, in the mid-17th century.
When visiting the farm, you will find a dam, an aqueduct, a water wheel, a sugar mill, water channels, a copper still, five wooden barrels with a capacity of 20 thousand liters each, a tractor and a truck. from 1932.
The farm is heading north, before reaching the village.